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دانلود رمان علمی تخیلی The Office of Mercy (زبان اصلی)

دانلود رمان علمی تخیلی The Office of Mercy (زبان اصلی)












سال انتشار: 2013

نویسنده:Ariel Djanikian

زبان : انگلیسی

قالب :PDF

تعداد صفحه: 320


“A cool and compelling” (Flavorwire) debut of a new postapocalyptic world for fans of The Hunger Games

On the screen and on the page, dystopian fantasies have captivated the public imagination. In The Office of Mercy, debut novelist Ariel Djanikian has conceived a chilling, post-apocalyptic page-turner that has earned her glowing comparisons to George Orwell and Suzanne Collins.

In America-Five, there is no suffering, hunger, or inequality. Its citizens inhabit a high-tech Utopia established after a global catastrophe known as the Storm radically altered the planet. Twenty-four-year-old Natasha Wiley works in the Office of Mercy, tasked with humanely terminating—or “sweeping”—the nomadic Storm survivors who live Outside. But after she joins a select team and ventures Outside for the first time, Natasha slowly unravels the mysteries surrounding the Storm—and the secretive elders who run America-Five.

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